Spoil someone special by giving him or her a gift that they can really use!!

Please view the different Gift Vouchers we have on offer. 
Terms & Conditions:
  1. Should you choose a gift voucher, and the product that the recipient of the voucher purchase is less than the value of the voucher - the balance can either be refunded in cash, or kept as a credit for later purchases.
  2. Should you choose a gift voucher, and the value of the product purchased by the recipient is more than the actual voucher - you or the recipient can just pay in the difference.
  3. The recipient have to purchase at least 80% of the value of the gift voucher before any cash refunds would apply. Should the purchase amount be less than 80% of the value of the gift voucher - we reserve the right to keep the balance as a credit in the recipient's name for later purchases. The recipient will receive a proof of credit document to this effect.
  4. You may add multiple gift vouchers together to finance a specific purchase you might have in mind for the recipient. 
  5. Should the value of single or all added gift vouchers be below R2000.00 - normal shipping costs will apply. Any item above the R2000.00 value mark will be eligible for our normal free shipping policy. 
  6. Your gift voucher will be sent to you (The Purchaser) via e mail in either PDF format or in JPEG photo format. You can then print out the voucher and present it to your recipient. We will automatically have all the recipient's details which you supplied to us on purchasing the voucher.
  7. The recipient of the voucher now contact us directly via e mail or telephone, mentioning the Voucher Number, and order whatever he or she needs up to the value of the voucher. The normal sales & delivery process will now take place.
  8. Since this is such a special type of purchase - no electronics are involved, and the whole process is handled personally by Nadine van Dyk.  
Go on.....Enjoy spoiling someone special today!!     


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